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How To Know When Can Move Onto the Next Workout And Level

Make sure you can complete each workout of the Level without any of the abnormal symptoms described in the previous lesson ‘What to be Wary Of When Doing the Exercises’. 

If you are not able to do all of the exercises in one Workout without any of the abnormal symptoms then repeat the Workout until you can and then move onto the next Workout next time.

Make sure you can complete all 6 workouts in 1st Level without the abnormal symptoms of before moving onto the next Level of Workouts.

Aim to to practice the workouts on 6 days of the week.  As said before if time is proving this impossible then aim for doing workout 3 or 4 times a week but expect it take longer to see the results you are looking for.


Then also make sure you can feel tension in the linea alba throughout the part of the exercise when the muscles should be engaged.  Each exercise describes when to Breathe Out & Engage and when to Breathe In & Relax.  You should be able to feel tension in the gap and not be able to press deeply into the gap and be able to maintain that tension in the working part of the exercise when you are breathing out and engaging the deep core muscles.


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