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Natural Ways to Induce Labor

If you reach your due date and are keen to help your baby arrive there are some natural methods you can try.  Do check with your Medical Provider first if they are happy for you to do any of the following as you may have underlying medical conditions where the following may not be recommended.

Sex And Nipple Stimulations

Both help release Oxytocin which can help jumpstart contractions of the uterus.  Having an orgasm will release even more Oxytocin.

Nipple Stimulation

Nipple stimulations also help Oxytocin to release helping the

Acupuncture & Self Acupressure

If you see a qualified Acupuncturist trained in Pregnancy they can insert needles into certain points on your body which can help to induce labor. Alternatively you can try doing pressure and circular massage of some of these points yourself known as Acupressure.  See the pic below which shows the common points used which can help with inducing labor.  Try applying pressure with circular massage to each point for one minute daily.


Bouncing on The Gym Ball

Evening Primrose and Castor Oil

Speak to your Doctor regarding this before trying but it is said that these oils can help stimulate prostaglandin release which can help ripen the cervix and kickstart the labor.

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