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Pelvic Floor Relaxation

Many women have worries about giving birth and how to minimise the possible side effects such as tearing of the perineum or pelvic floor itself or needing to have an episiotomy (a cut made by the doctor in your perineum) .  Learning how to fully relax your pelvic floor will effectively help ‘open the door’ for a safe and smoother birth entry and reduce tearing and make the birth process more efficient.

See the video below to learn how to relax the pelvic floor with breathing.  Then choose one of the positions below to practice relaxed breathing and when doing the breath in relaxing the pelvic floor.  Imagine it spreading down and out between your sitting bones.


In your 3rd trimester – for the positions lying on your back use pillows or cushions under your upper back and shoulders to help prop you up in the 3rd trimester.

Practice for a few mins each day.  

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