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The Program In a Snapshot

The Flow Chart below summarises how the Program Works via a Mini Course Format to Achieve the results of a Hugely Improved Pelvic Floor & Core!

The ‘Abs Fab Workouts’ will help you learn how to Connect to and Activate your Pelvic Floor & Core Muscles before moving onto easy to follow 10 min Workouts Challenging these muscles leading to a Stronger & More Functional Pelvic Floor & Core & Flatter Tummy

The ‘Get Back To Being You Guide’ will help you learn how to modify your usual exercise and sports to make them safe and give you good ideas of the ones that are best to choose and the ones to avoid while doing this ‘Abs Fab Program’.

The ‘Belly Flattening Nutrition Guide’ has easy to follow Nutritional Changes you can make to get rid of any excess belly fat that may have lay down during pregnancy.

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