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A weeks meal plan to try full of high-energy foods that tend to be well tolerated by pregnant women.  Plenty of protein and frequent meals balance blood sugar, which may reduce nausea.  Plant based protein is emphasized to help with common food aversions.

This plan is high in iron to help prevent anemia during pregnancy.  Foods are also high in calcium to protect bones.  Included is plenty of fiber-rich foods to prevent constipation which can can cause significant discomfort during pregnancy.

Included in Meal Plan is Shopping List, Full Recipes and Nutritional Breakdown.

If you would like to have a bespoke meal plan to meet your personal needs produced or to have an online consult with one of our Nutritioists book in here.

Low Fodmap Meal Plan

Download the meal plan here

Low Fodmap Meal Plan Download

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Vegan Low Fodmap

Plant Based Low Fodmap Meal Plan Download

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