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What To be Wary Of When Doing the Exercises in the Workouts

When doing any of the exercises in the workouts there are certain symptoms to look out for.  If you cannot stop these symptoms by engaging your core muscles then the exercise is too hard for you at the moment and best to avoid or have an online consult with us or see a Women’s Health Physio in your area to help.

The LIPP Mnemonic

This is a simple mnemonic to remember when doing the Exercises of the Workouts.  If you feel any of the following and you are unable to stop the feeling by engaging your core muscles during your exercises and workouts then stop.  Continuing with these symptoms will only cause you harm.

Also make sure that you are not:

  • Holding Your Breath
  • Tensing and Lifting your Shoulders

Summary of The LIPP Mnemonic

L – LEAKAGE – leakage of urine or faeces

I – INSTABILITY – feeling that your hips, pelvis, back, knees, ankles will give way and overarching of the lower back in exercises

P – PAIN – slight discomfort of muscles working is fine but not PAIN

P – PROTRUSION – if you see your tummy protrude out or feel like like there is a pushing out or pressure happening down below

These symptoms should be able to be stopped by engaging the right pelvic floor and deep abdominals correctly.  If not it means the exercise is too difficult for you therefore ask your instructor for an alternative or miss the exercise out until feel stronger.

We mention tummy protrusion above and here are some examples of different types of tummy protrusions that can happen with the exercises that you want to avoid.

Tummy Issues To Avoid When Doing the Exercises

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