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Workout 1 – Level 1

The workout is 3 sets of 4 exercises.  You can follow the main video below which is a timed 10 min workout leading you through it or can work through the 4 exercises at your own pace scrolling the exercise videos below and following number of repetitions.

Exercise Equipment Needed:

  • Loop band or resistance band tied in a loop

Timed 10 Minute Workout

With the Timed version video – each exercise lasts 40 seconds – there is a 10 second rest between exercises where a preview of the next exercise coming up is shown.  You can choose Option 1 with voiceovers and interval music or Option 2 you can play your own music to.

Timed Workout With Voiceovers

Timed Workout Without Sound

Follow Exercises At Your Own Pace

4 Exercises

3 Sets of the 4 Exercises

Do each exercise once which is 1 set and then repeat another 2 sets.

Number of repetitions stated with each Exercise.

Exercise 1 - 25 Reps

Exercise 2 - 8 Reps

Exercise 3 - 8 Reps

Exercise 4 - 8 Reps

Pelvic Floor Relaxation Time


    • Rebecca Aldridge

      Working out at all is better than not but our advice to have the best and quickest results is practicing the workouts 6 days of the week. However if you do 2, 3, 4 or 5 this will still create results but just expect them to take longer. Hope that helps

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